Who We are

AM.CO is a gasket and seal manufacturer started over 25 years ago. Throughout its history  Am.Co has enhanced its manufacturing capabilities developing advanced technologies both on static gaskets application as well as thermoplastic injection moulding and PTFE processing. Catering to different industries from aviation to automotive, AMCO has developed a very specific aftermarket line for tractors and earthmovers under the High Gaskets brand.

Offering an incredible cost effective solution for specific manufacture lines like the following:

Caterpillar - over 13.000 part numbers ranging from gaskets and seals to complete kits for:
Engine overhauling
Fuel injection system
Hydraulic systems
Transmission systems
Brakes, compressors, turbo, water pumps and other accessory systems
Track adjusters

Komatsu - over 2000 part numbers ranging from loose items up to complete kits covering:
Engine overhauling
Hydraulic system seals
Track adjuster

Cummins - engine overhauling gasket kits for the most popular mid-size engines

High Gaskets

AM.CO has also developed a second brand, High Parts, to be able to offer a series of items that do not specifically belong to the products commodities covered by the HG brand.
High Parts focuses mainly on engine and fuel injection parts as well as a wide range of specific technical items. HP has developed, in the last 5 years, over 2,500 items for the following applications: Caterpillar, Navistar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes.

Our Skills

Engine overhauling100%
Fuel injection system100%
Hydraulic systems100%
Transmission systems100%
Brakes, compressors, turbo, water pumps 100%
...and other accessory systems 100%


We keep great things moving