High Gaskets can support you in developing any type of kit!

As a manufacturer, HIGHGASKETS offers application analysis, gasket design and material property research. Our world-class engineering capability is rigorous and customer-focused, with high quality standards.
Precision die-cutting for custom gaskets:
Die cutting is our primary gasket manufacturing processes, and, with more than 30 years of experience, we can provide custom die-cutting to match even the most complex designs.
Our die-cutting operations ensure cost-effectiveness and give us the flexibility to produce the simplest or most challenging gasket shapes.
There are virtually no limitations to our die-cutting capabilities.
We offer precision die-cutting services to create custom gaskets that meet your exact requirements.

Head gasket manufacturer
HIGHGASKET manufactures its own head gasket material from asbestos-free material with a perforated metal sheet.
The material production allows High Gaskets to guarantee quality, high-performance products. HIGHGASKETS specialises in the precision machining of technical materials.
HIGHGASKETS produces many different spare parts and components. Over the years we have developed expertise in the fast, efficient milling and machining of organic polymer thermoplastic.

HIGHGASKETS has recently launched a new product line of CNC PEEK parts.

Custom precision PEEK products are now available from HIGHGASKETS to meet customers’ requirements.
HIGHGASKETS’ plastic injection moulding services provide injection moulding to clients in many industries, in particular earthmoving and automotive.
Ranging from miniature to very large components, we use a variety of tooling and strategies. Working with a wide range of materials, parts can be made from commodity, high-temperature materials and more. All the moulded components are inspected for dimensional accuracy, with high quality standards.
Our experienced team can provide guidance to assist with engineering, product development, rapid prototyping, mould making and tooling. Full or partial assembly and packaging are some of the post-moulding services offered by HIGHGASKETS.

Automatic Production
Thanks to the production and integration of customized machinery, automation equipment, machinery rebuilding, work holding fixtures and precision gauges and gauge systems, HIGHGASKETS is a technological company based on production efficiency and high-quality standards, with the aim of satisfying all customer production needs on time.
Considering more than 30 years of experience in developing spare parts and replacement kits, which includes a wide range of materials, different kinds of production processes and many specific requirements for each application, HIGHGASKETS can provide high-quality support for the development of any kind of replacement kit for heavy-duty vehicles or automotive industries.
High Gaskets is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company