We believe it is important to make people know the World of Special Olympics, people, like us, that care about persons who would sell heart and soul to realities in which the individual willpower make arise something great and fantastic.

Special Olympics is a global sporting group built on inclusion and respect, where every single athlete is accepted and recognized for his own personality. Because there is no ability or disability that does not make us unique and special for what we are.

A family made of athletes, volunteers and supporters of a project born and raised by the knowledge that together we can, better, with more power.

Every year an Italian group of representatives is called to take part to the World Games or European Games. To better understand the vastness and relevance of this movement, just imagine that more than 5.000,000 athletes, 637.000 families and 1.200,000 volunteers commit energy and passion to the success of this event.

This year the delegation will take part to the World Games in Abu Dhabi from 14th to 21st March 2019 and this year again, as in 2015, Am.Co. Highgaskets has the pleasure and the honor to support the fundraising campaign “Adopt a Champion “, giving the quote that will allow Fabio Borgognoni to participate with his Bowling team, with pride and determination.

The reasons that push our Company to support Special Olympics can be simply summarized with Am.Co. mission. Its corporate strategy aims to the common benefits and for all the employees, which are all part of a team that support the business mission every day with their work, dedication and shared planning. For this reason, Am.Co. could not find a better example that could represent itself.

The example of Special Olympics Athletes is a general model to get involved, in sport as in life, to face obstacles and overcome them … winning doesn’t mean just winning medals but also awareness in life. Accepting oneself with all the problems that all of us have, means winning its own battle, recognizing oneself and understanding the importance and the beauty of being unique and special.

We invite all of you, who have spent your time to read these worlds, do not read just our story but go deeper to have the chance to know a wonderful reality that could enrich you more than you think.

Good surfing.

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